This Woman Receives A Surprising Message From her Ex-boyfriend Right Before His Wedding And Twitter Is Not Sure Whether It Is Weird Or Not

This Woman Receives A Surprising Message From her Ex-boyfriend Right Before His Wedding And Twitter Is Not Sure Whether It Is Weird Or Not

Alexsa received a text message from her ex-boyfriend just one day before his wedding day. The message was so emotional and astonishing that it left her speechless! The woman shared it with Twitter people and everyone is responding differently to the tweet.

1. A Woman Received A Surprising Message From Her Ex Right Before His Wedding Day

A woman came to Twitter after she received a message from her ex-boyfriend, one day before his wedding. Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar was so surprised that she could not help but share it with the Twittersphere but it seems like Alexsa is not the only one who felt speechless by the words of her ex. 





2. Alexsa Shared The Message On Twitter Where People Are Not Sure What It Actually Meant

It did not take long for the tweet to go viral and people had mixed feelings towards the surprising message. Some found it pretty cool of both the people to behave so genuinely while others found the timing quite weird.

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Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited


3. The Message Was So Warm And Emotional That Some Were Freaked Out While Others Were Moved

Alexsa shared how she was left speechless after reading the message that expressed gratitude and love. "I am getting married tomorrow," it said. "I wanted to send you this message Thank you for being my first love. Thank you for always encouraging me, thank you for keeping me out of trouble, thank you for the times you took care of me when I was sick and depressed, thank you for loving me. If you haven't already I hope you one day find love. If you loved me that much when we were young I can only imagine how strong and powerful your love is now. The way your heart is made it's amazing. I know we were only kids when we dated but you taught me what love is. To the man who is lucky enough to have you as their wife I hope he treats you with care, I hope he knows who he has in front of him, I hope he shows you love and loyalty every day. You deserve that and more. My point in all of this is you are the reason why I know how to love someone. You taught me love, you taught me how to deal with my anger, how to deal with my depression and how to live life to the fullest and I'm grateful for you. I wish you love and happiness."


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4. The Woman Was Too Surprised By The Message But Responded Genuinely

Alexsa was shaken by such an emotional message and did not know what to reply but the woman responded in a mature and kind manner. She congratulated her ex and thanked him for his kind words. "I am so unbelievably proud of you, you did everything you put your mind into. I'm happy you found the woman you want forever with, I'm happy you are happy. You are an amazing father to your daughter, your fiance is such a beautiful soul, and you have such a beautiful daughter," she replied.




She ended the response by wishing him and his family beautiful blessings.

5. But Many People Had A Different Take On The Message 

Many people were not so positive about the message and shared their feelings with Alexsa on Twitter. "I would die if I moulded a man to be the perfect husband for another woman," a tweet said. 





6. While Some Appreciated Alexsa And Her Ex For Their Maturity and Goodwill





7. One Twitterer Found It Weird For The Guy To Text His Ex A Day Before His Wedding




8. Another Criticized People For Their Negative Attitude

One Twitter user came forward to criticize people for their negative mindsets and replies to the post.








9. Finally, Alexsa Tweeted To Clear The Misconception And Tell People That 'If Things Don't Work Out With Someone, That Doesn't Mean You Should Have Hate Towards Them.'

After receiving mixed responses from Twitter, Alexsa wrote another tweet to clear the misconception held by many.

"It’s not him rubbing it in my face that he found someone, it’s him thanking me for showing him how to love & appreciate what he and I went through together. It’s not to say that his wife didn’t show him all of that, she obviously did!" Alexsa told Buzzfeed. "And it’s not that he wasn’t a great man when we dated because he was/is a great man! We just didn’t work out & that’s fine!!! relationships don’t always end with hating the person. it just simply doesn’t work out! Regardless of everything, you were meant to be a part of that person's life, and them, yours," she added.


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