This woman called police on kids snooping in her house but was told that she overreacted.

This woman called police on kids snooping in her house but was told that she overreacted.

This woman’s neighbor’s kids were playing in her backyard and peeping inside the windows when she called the police on them.

The pandemic has been very tough for most of us especially with children. Since they don’t have a lot of options to keep them busy, children sometimes tend to get obnoxious and annoyed. However, its up to the parents to keep them busy and make them learn important life lessons amidst tough situations like these. With their plates full, we can not completely blame the parents either. They are also learning how to function properly with so many responsibilities.



This woman, recently, took to reddit to discuss an ongoing issue she has been having with her neighbor's children. When I saw the story, I felt like it was something that needs to be discussed.
The 32-year-old woman wrote about how she called the police on children who were watching her workout in her sports bra. In her defense, she had already asked the children’s parents to stop them from coming to her backyard.
She explained,

"Fast-forward to March, and I’m working from home and these kids are home from school. Soon after lockdown started, the kids started playing in my yard. I initially just bit my tongue and dealt with it, because I was sympathetic to the fact that their worlds had just been turned upside down. However, as the weeks and months went on they started to test my limits.”



She was done when one of them ended up inside her home.
She wrote,

“Last week, I came home from a jog, and one of them was hiding in my garage (which I had left open) as part of their nerf gun game. Not realizing he was there, I closed the garage and walked into my house. The kid then came into the house and asked me to let him out.”

Of course, its not than even that no one should end up in anyone’s home. What infuriated her was the fact that not only her privacy was invaded but the boy came to her house when there’s a pandemic out there.

This was when she decided to go to the boys’ parents.

“I knocked on the door of the neighbors’ house after I calmed down a bit, and told the parents that I didn’t want their kids playing in my yard. They were pretty taken aback and said that it was normal for kids to play in other people's yards in this neighborhood, but I stood my ground. The conversation was awkward but civil, and the kids seemingly stayed away after that.”

No one would have thought that the kids would return.
She wrote,

“Fast forward to earlier today. I’m in my living room working out, and I turn around to find two of the kids standing in my yard watching me through the window. I took a picture of them for evidence, then called the police non-emergency line and told them that two middle-school aged boys trespassed and were watching me work out in just a sports bra through my window. The police came about an hour later, and I showed them the picture and gave the background of the situation. The police said they would go talk to the parents.”





After the police talked to the parents, the dad came to talk to her and told her that she over reacted.

“The dad just came and knocked on my door, and told me that I totally overreacted and that his kids were just looking through the window to see if I had noticed them out there playing, and that they had no sexual motives. (I never told the police that they did, though I guess mentioning the detail of being in just a sports bra might have implied that). He told me that I wasted police resources and upset his kids.”

She asked other Redditers whether she overreacted or not. Most of the people on the platform endorsed what she did and said they would have done the same.
What do you think?

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Article Source: Diply

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