This wine theme park in France is the perfect destination for an all-girls trip.

This wine theme park in France is the perfect destination for an all-girls trip.

Are you always on the hunt for the perfect Utopia where you can go and be wined and dined to your heart’s content? Look no more. This park in France is the perfect destination.

Finding the perfect location for an all girl’s trip is such a task to be honest. It needs to be the perfect package with an ideal ambiance, great food, the best wine, spas and all sorts of premium luxuries.




I don’t know about you but for my group of friends, the part where we decide on a location always turns into a mini argument since we cannot decide on a location.Till now I believed the perfect Utopia for a girl’s trip did not exist but then I stumbled upon the great La Cité du Vi.



For those who don’t know, La Cité du Vin is located in Bordeaux and is one of France's most renowned wine regions which is why it is called the city of wine. This theme park-meets-museum is entirely dedicated to the creation (and consumption) of wine, and is a literal paradise for oenophiles.




The place is a dream come true. It has 20 wine-themed exhibits 800 varieties of wine from 70 different countries. You can taste them all at La Cité du Vin's restaurant.
The cherry on top is, the theme park offers an immersive, simulated boat ride that shows what it's like to be a glamorous wine seller at sea. You can sip and glide. How amazing?



All this glory is topped with a beautifully designed building. The architecture itself has visitors feeling a little tipsy with the twisted metal structure that's supposed to evoke wine swirling around a glass.



This might be the happiest place for an all-girl’s trip.

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Images : La Cité du Vin 

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