This 'We Shed' Idea Is Perfect For Couples Who Want Some Extra Space While Being Together Too!

This 'We Shed' Idea Is Perfect For Couples Who Want Some Extra Space While Being Together Too!

After he and she sheds, we sheds has hit the markets and has a conjoined deck with two separate compartments which is perfect for healing couples.

You ever go through a period where you want to have some 'me time' without any interruption but with that you ache for some company too. So don't you worry, these we sheds ideas have got your back and you can spend quality whole living here.


Awesome Inventions


We sheds are basically two separate compartments joined by a similar deck or space where you can meet your partner. Some couples do take this idea practically and have some healthy space while being close to each other too. This thing won't let your partner move far away from and also give you the required personal time and space.




The We sheds come along with an idea of "she-shed" and "he-shed." You can take a breather in your own personalized space and relax. 


Awesome Inventions


These wonderful designs also make a great spot to gather for little get-togethers, to watch the game, and more purposes. As they are usually located in places close to nature, you can also heal in them while being away from all the noises of the world and yet close to your partner.


Instagram| @simplyvintage


Seriously, looking at these chic pieces of architecture makes me want to have my own place with my loved one and relax and enjoy at the same time!




These conjoined sheds aren’t only for couples to stay but they are also perfect as we look for hunting/fishing cabins. Furthermore, as the shed is a portable structure that you are easy to set up anywhere. You can place it on a safe and beautiful spot overlooking a breathtaking scenery and rent it out too. 


Facebook | Portable Buildings of Greater Houston


So what are you thinking now? He sheds and she sheds is an old thing now when "We shed" is ready rock!

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