This Under Desk Hammock For $55 Is All Any Office Worker Needs To Relax During Office Hours.

This Under Desk Hammock For $55 Is All Any Office Worker Needs To Relax During Office Hours.

Sometimes a solution to your tiredness and tough time at office lies in products as simple as this under desk hammock.



Image credits: Human Solution


Now all the office workers know how crucial office work can be. More crucial during these tough office hours is the nap period. These power naps play an important part in keeping our minds fresh during the day.

Well, there is one way to keep up with your power naps without disturbing others or occupying bean bags in the office. 



Image credits: Human Solution


A company by the name of Human Solution has been making specialized office furniture for years now, offering a slew of practical accessories alongside their trademark desks and chairs. One of their products is under desk hammock. 

This ideal hammock is something that you can hang under your desk and you can actually take your personal break under your desk. Want to read a book? Check. Want to drink your coffee in peace? Check. And most importantly want to take a power nap? Double check.



Image credits: Human Solution


The Under Desk Hammock is a hammock in its most traditional sense. Except, instead of tying it to two trees or poles or whatever other convenient architecture there may be in your vicinity, you clip it to the frame of your work desk using carabiners.



Image credits: Human Solution


These hammocks are available in two colors. And come with their own covers too. The storage cover can actually be used as a container for your belongings (phone, glasses, water bottles, etc.) whenever you have the hammock unfolded and hooked under the table.

You can also use this hammock at your home. When you have to work but you don't feel like sitting upright, then all you have to do is attach this hammock to nay suitable desk at home and then plop you sit with your laptop and all your snacks. 



Image credits: Human Solution


Image credits: Human Solution


The hammock is made of parachute nylon fabric durable enough to hold up to 400 pounds (181 kilograms). However, Human Solution explains that there is a 200 pound (90 kilogram) limit if you’re using the hammock under the table as it may compromise the structural functionality of your desk.

According to some reviewers, this hammock is best suitable for people under 5 foot 9 (175 centimeters). 

Items like these can help give you much-needed break during work and also helps keep you focused and fresh.



Image credits: Human Solution


The hammock is bundled for free with compatible UPLIFT desks, or can be bought separately for upwards of $55.





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