This truck driver travels with his adopted stray cat to make the roads less lonely.

This truck driver travels with his adopted stray cat to make the roads less lonely.

What’s a better companion than a pet? This truck driver travels with his stray cat and is living the best life.

We all have been going through solitude blues amidst the pandemic induced lockdown. We can only imagine how lonely would it be for truck drivers.
Its not the same for Paul Robertson thought. Robertson has worked as a long-haul trucker for years. To deal with the loneliness stricken by long roads, the truck driver adopted a stray cat.

Unfortunately! His travel buddy became an angel in 2017.
Sad and lonely Robertson, to get rid of the solitude, decided to adopt another pet. That is when Percy came to his life.

The feline had had a pretty rough life yet, the adorable being is as affectionate as ever.


The duo had to spend some time apart though. During his stay at Ohio, Percy decided to chase something and hopped out of the window. To stay on schedule, Teary-eyed and guilty Robertson had to leave the cat back and embark on the journey again.
Fortunately! Percy wasn’t ready to let go of his slave (If you know what I mean *wink*) yet.

400 miles later, at a stop in Indiana Robertson found Percy lurking around the truck. Turns out, the cat had hung to the truck’s undercarriage all this time. WOW! I need that kind of love in my life.

Since then, the duo has been inseparable.They sleep in the truck’s bunk together and are living the best life.
Robertson, on his private Facebook page, regularly shares Percy’s pictures and routine updates. Thanks to which, Percy has basically become a totally cat-lebrity who loves greeting his fans!

He has the purrrrrrfect life of naps, love and stardom.


Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Facebook

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