This tailoress transforms cheap thrift store finds into stunning creations.

This tailoress transforms cheap thrift store finds into stunning creations.

Seamstress taking over the internet for her creating amazing trendy outfits using boring old outfits.

With the world dealing with everything bad, including major environmental crisis, recycling, and upcycling, is all we can rely on and Caitlyn, is goals.
She is by far the best thrift flipper I have ever seen. She comes up with these chic and trendy designs that look no less than a designer outfit.




She can literally turn anything and everything into a wearable.
Look at this amazing yellow sundress was actually a vintage sheet that she ordered off of Poshmark. She’s very into turning older sheets into clothing. Honestly, it works!




Look how she, without ruining the skirt, magically made a top with the skirt from the skirt.




Her top design was inspired by a dress Taylor Swift wore to the 2020 Golden Globes. It an understatement when I say she nailed it.
What even? How is this even possible? Aren’t these three dresses?




According to the caption, the original dress is the one on the left. She removed the neckpiece, saved it for another project, and used the cloth from the bottom of the dress for a cape.
This does not even look like the same dress. So cute.




Now, this is one hell of an upgrade. She looks like such a boss lady here.




It’s commendable how something so mundane can look so trendy after being stitched the right way. Caitlyn really knows her way with cloth and stitches.




She turned this old-fashioned dress from the 80s into such a cute prom dress. She has given me some ideas to upcycle my old clothes.




My personal favorite is this deep-dyed dress. I am in awe.




What looked like a PJs shirt tuned into a cute summer dress. I can believe I always thought only expensive stuff could make you look good.




Doesn’t this dress look like something the Taylor Swift would wear at the Grammys?




All it takes is a good tailoring.

If you want more insight on her projects, then follow her on Instagram.

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