This Spanish school teaches boys home chores

This Spanish school teaches boys home chores

To battle gender equality, this school in Spain has launched a program that teaches young boys home chores that were once considered the ‘work of women.’

If we look around, gender equality is something that people talk about a lot. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t act on it in real life, which is why all this hype sounds fake and made up.
However, a school Colegio Montecastelo in Vigo, Spain, just launched a program that teaches young boys, as well as young girls, tasks like cooking cleaning and sewing.



Of course, girls learn these tasks over the years one way or another, but mostly men stray clear from learning these daily household necessities.
Hence, this particular school came up with the initiative to make sure the male students are equipped for their households one day.



The lessons are currently being given by teachers who also teach them other subjects. Economy professor Andrès Luna teaches ironing, he explains: 

“They must understand that this is not a woman’s job, but also a man’s one. They need to know how to iron too”.

Jose Manuel Rodriguez, the school director who is responsible for this program, while talking about the initiative, said,

“We, men, must take things to the next level and we noticed that in school, conferences and theoretical classes are not efficient, so what’s better than practice?”



One of the pupils said,

“At first, I thought it was a joke, that it couldn’t be,” a pupil admits.”

Another one of the pupils endorsing the initiative said, 

“I personally feel that it allows me to realize how much work it is for parents and I see it’s not that easy.”



According to the school administration, parents were very supportive of the program as well. More and more schools should come up with a similar program to groom young boys around the world.

Article source: Diply

Image source: Colegio Montecastelo

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