This six-month-old warrior baby beat Coronavirus while battling heart and lung disease.

This six-month-old warrior baby beat Coronavirus while battling heart and lung disease.

This six-month-old miracle baby was already suffering from a heart and lung disease when she contracted the novel coronavirus.

The novel coronavirus has caused a rift around the world. It has been affecting the young and the old alike.
This six-month old baby, on top of battling a heart and lung disease, was recently diagnosed with the deadly COVID-19.
Erin Bates of Bury, Greater Manchester was already in the hospital due to her heart condition and lung problems when she contracted the virus. However, the โ€˜miracleโ€™ baby has successfully managed to fight off the virus.



Bates came into the world after her parents tried to get pregnant for 10 years. unfortunately, the little angel was discovered with a heart condition only a month after she came into the world.
In December 2019, the babe underwent open-heart surgery. During the recovery period her lungs collapsed as a result of Broncomalacia and Trachemalacio, a condition which involves a narrowing of the airways. As if all this was not hard enough, things quickly went from bad to worse on April 10 when Erin became unwell and tested positive for the novel coronavirus.



Her parents were left heartbroken. All this made them furious that people are still not taking this outbreak seriously and that upsets me. All this is very personal to them now.
To help people realize they gravity of the situation, her parents shared sad photos of little Erin hooked up to an oxygen machine in the hospital were shared to her Facebook page, "Erin's Journey," to encourage others to social distance.

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After two weeks of her diagnosis Erin beat the virus. Her parents shared the news on the page with the caption

โ€œErin has beaten the virus. It hit her hard with a few ups and downs but we wanted people to know coronavirus doesn't have to be a death sentence for people with pre-existing conditions. She is all smiles and talking to herself.โ€

The news was also shared by staff at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool via a video on Twitter.




Hereโ€™s to hoping Erin beats all the other health conditions she is facing. If you want to help the Bates' family remain financially afloat while the Erin continues her hospital stay, you can donate to their GoFundMe page here.

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