This Shoebill Stork gives such ‘straight outta Jim Henson's Nightmares’ vibes

This Shoebill Stork gives such ‘straight outta Jim Henson's Nightmares’ vibes

This peculiar looking bird looks like it is a character in one of Jim Henson’s nightmares.

We have covered a couple of novel looking birds here. However, this one bird that I came across is novel in a different way.
This particular Shoebill stork is cute and all but it looks like one of the monsters Jim Henson would have created. The shoebill definitely looks like it descended from dinosaurs.




The birds have been named Balaeniceps rex specifically for their habit of crying out loud.




Initially the specie belonged to stork’s family, hence the name shoebill stork became common. However, since then it has been corrected to belong with the Pelecaniformes family of waterbirds.




These birds are native to the Tropical East Africa and like living in large swampy areas. They are huge birds, averaging about four-and-a-half feet in height, though taller specimens have been found. Their wingspan can be as wide as eight feet.





As far as their appetite is concerned, they eat large fish, snakes, and even baby crocodiles.




One of the most peculiar habit that Shoebill storks exhibit is the way they stand and wait. They stretch themselves to full height, hold their bill down against their chest, and just stand and stare for hours. It almost looks like a human in a bird suit.




Its awkward puppet like movements are pretty intriguing though.




We have covered a number of other cutesy birds as well. Here check the beautiful violet backed starling, the bearded reedling and Barry the Canary out.

Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Instagram 

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