This School Hosts 'ADULTING DAY' For Teens, Teaching Them Grim Realities Of Adult Life!

This School Hosts 'ADULTING DAY' For Teens, Teaching Them Grim Realities Of Adult Life!

Bullitt Central High School in Kentucky has been educating seniors in real-life skills. The school held an 'adulting day' where seniors were taught some of the realities of adult life.

The journey from adolescence to adulthood is not an easy one. And while high school students are exposed to various technological and learning skills in their curriculum,  it’s often not until they leave home that they learn everyday life skills.

Along the same lines, recently a secondary school facilitated an 'adulting' day to show teen students a portion of the critical skills that they'll require some time down the road.



Generally, we regularly invest hours in school finding out about technical things like the process of mitosis and how to discover the area of a rhombus, and keeping in mind that the learning may prove to be useful in the event that you go into the related fields, it's not by any means helpful in regular daily existence.



Consequently, students generally grow up with almost zero ideas regarding how to manage every one of the hard things grown-up life tosses at you.

And with regards to planning for bills, checking your vehicle motor, and settling regulatory obligations, the world is loaded with befuddled youthful grown-ups meandering around weakly, trusting a progressively fitting grown-up will come and help them to out.



To help put a conclusion to this obliviousness, Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky facilitated the day devoted to all things 'adulting'.

The event offered workshops to graduating understudies, covering an entire host of grown-up subjects from cooking for themselves and replacing a tire, to building a decent financial assessment.



There was an aggregate of 11 workshops running, however, understudies had to pick which aptitudes they preferred, as they could just go to three.

Individuals from the Army came to the school to examine potential vocations in the military and the realities of armed force life, while understudies partook in wellness drills to give them a sample of what they could anticipate.



Moreover, officers from the Shepherdsville Police Department even supposedly dropped by to give understudies a few hints on how to properly behave in the event that they were pulled over by a cop, so they truly were secured for each and every obstacle life throws at them. 



The school shared pictures of their ‘adulting’ day to Facebook, writing, " Today the YSC held an “Adulting Conference” for our Seniors. The Seniors were able to choose 3 of 11 workshops to attend to gain more knowledge and skills pertaining to their lives once they leave us here at BCHS. We would like to thank the many community partners who helped us to make this event possible."



"Our community partners include The Center for Women and Families, KHEAA, the US Army, the Shepherdsville Police Department, UPS, Abby Baylor, Park Federal, Our Lady of Peace, and Mr. Rippy," the post concluded.

And honestly, we feel that other schools should likewise start offering comparable projects to guarantee understudies are very much prepared to handle grown-up life because nobody likes a big baby! 


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