This rain frog looks like an angry avocado and makes a sound like squeaky toys.

This rain frog looks like an angry avocado and makes a sound like squeaky toys.

This tiny chonky desert rain frog looks like an angry avocado. Moreover, it makes noise as a squeaky toy does.

People usually have very mixed opinions about Amphibians and Reptiles. However, in my opinion, they are one of the most fascinating species on the planet.

They not only come in different sizes and colors but are also very cute.

For instance, let’s talk about these African rain frogs that legit look like angry avocados. That is not it; when they are annoyed, they sound like squeaky toys. How adorable!



They have been classified as frogs due to their bodily structure. However, they, unlike most frogs, live in the soil on in fallen leaves.
The avocado-like frogs are called Brevicipitidae by biologists.



These little creatures have been known to spend a lot of time in trees, and their skin can also sometimes have a rougher, bumpy texture more commonly seen in toads.
Despite everything, rain frogs are adorable.



The species is not only limited to black ones, but they are my favorite. Although I don’t really like Avocados. Unpopular opinion, I know!

While they live in soil and sand, their coastal habitats in Africa are commonly covered in sea fog, which makes the sand moist for them. Their favorite time pass is spending the day burrowed in the cool, wet sand, coming out at night to eat and breed.




Unlike most frog species, these guys don’t have a tadpole stage of development. They just go from eggs to tiny baby frogs.

Moreover, when they feel annoyed or threatened, they fill themselves with air, puffing up to appear larger. Then they start yelling at the threat, in a squeaky little voice.
Turn the sound on.




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Article Source: Diply

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