This New 'Consent Condom' Pack Requires FOUR HANDS To Open!

This New 'Consent Condom' Pack Requires FOUR HANDS To Open!

It takes two to tango—and open this package of condoms. A new 'Consent Pack' requires four hands simultaneously pressing buttons on each side of the box to unlock it.

With expectations of preventing nonconsensual intercourse, an adult toy organization has quite recently released a 'consent condom' that requires two individuals' efforts to open. Tulipán, an organization from Argentina that sells adult toys, condoms, and lubricants, has made a condom that needs four hands to open.

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The brand-new endeavor intends to accentuate the significance of consensual intercourse. A commercial demonstrating the workings of the innovative packaging was posted on Twitter on April 3. "This pack is as simple to open as it is to understand that if it does not say yes, it is no," the company captioned the post, as per the Insider


According to reports, the packaging is intended to be opened by simultaneously pressing the buttons, which requires four hands. The condom supposedly can't be released by only one individual, stressing that both the parties' approval is the most important aspect of having consensual intercourse. 

Source: Twitter

"Tulipán has always spoken of safe pleasure, but for this campaign we understood that we had to talk about the most important thing in every physical relationship - pleasure is possible only if you both give your consent first," Joaquin Campins from Tulipán's promoting office BBDO told Adweek through Fox News.


Moreover, the innovation had already been tested in Buenos Aires, as they had been given out at events and bars. As indicated by Insider, the 'consent condoms' will soon hit the shelves later this year. In the meantime, some Twitter users were not so impressed by Tulipán's item. A user tweeted, "I'm going to go ahead and bet that someone who doesn't ask for consent is not going to let the lack of a condom stop them." 


The organization confronted criticism as a second Twitter user called attention to that the design was not amputee-friendly, saying "able-bodied privilege no?" Some netizens additionally trust the condoms won't prevent nonconsensual intercourse as guilty parties generally don't utilize condoms. 


Tulipán still can't seem to address these worries as of composing. Be that as it may, they are presently promoting their consensual condoms on Twitter and Instagram, supporting for "consented pleasure," According to Fox, the condoms are not yet available for sale from the organization's site, however, have been distributed for free in bars.

Source: Twitter

The item is being advertised via social media networks with the utilization of viral promotions that show how consent is imperative. It additionally discusses consent being the key purpose of intercourse. Tulipán reps state that their condoms will promote safe intercourse. Despite the fact that the condom won't instantly eradicate the issues around consent, it highlights the significance of having two active and willing members, which is a start. 

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