This Mother Dog ‘Adopts’ Orphaned Kittens After Losing Her Puppies.

This Mother Dog ‘Adopts’ Orphaned Kittens After Losing Her Puppies.

Georgia, a rescued Australian Shepherd cross, is now raising a litter of three orphaned kittens, after unfortunately losing her own puppies during a premature birth. She was rescued from an Arizona gas station near the U.S.-Mexico border where she was found pregnant.

There's nothing like the love of a mother-even in the animal world-and when this rescue dog lost her puppies after a C-section, she still had a lot of love to offer.

Georgia was rescued by Sunshine Dog Rescue rescuers after surviving on scraps by the US-Mexico border near a gas station.

Unfortunately, they couldn't save her puppies, who were all born prematurely, despite the best efforts of vets.

Since learning that her litter of puppies was unexpectedly gone, the German Shepard-mix has been left "frantic" and heartbroken.




"The best way I could describe it was she was frantic," Anita Osa, founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue, told ABC15. "It was so sad, she was looking for those babies. She tore up the toddler mattress we had her on, trying to find her babies."

Sadly one of the kittens died on the first night, but the other members of this unique family thrived under their newly adopted mom's care, and rescue helped both the dog and the kittens recover.


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Discussing the formation of the new family, Anita said: "I introduced them to her gently. I first brought one out and let her sniff it, and she seemed to accept it, so I brought the others out. It's amazing to see how she instantly calmed down. I think for the kittens, they have no idea that Georgia is a dog."

It wasn't long before each member of this adorable family was adopted, and Georgia even got to live with one of her adopted kittens because her adopter's roommate fell in love with them!

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