This mom rushed her kid to the hospital thinking there is a hole in its mouth, it was only a sticker.

This mom rushed her kid to the hospital thinking there is a hole in its mouth, it was only a sticker.

This woman was left embarrassed after she rushed her child to the hospital thinking that there was a hole in its mouth. Turns out, it was only a sticker.

We all know how paranoid parents are about their toddlers especially if it's their first child. This mother of a 10-month-old boy is no less.
The 24-year-old mum rushed her baby to the hospital after finding a 'hole in the roof of his mouth' only to be left mortified when a nurse pointed out it was actually a sticker. Becky Stiles, from Essex, was left 'holding back the tears' after spotting what she thought was a hole in the roof of her son Harvey's mouth.



Stiles laid down to change her son’s nappy when she saw a dark-colored circle on the roof of his mouth and began to panic. She said,

“I tried to touch it but he just screamed at me, so I made his dad rush over and see it. I'm shaking, sweating, and holding back the tears. We put a torch on it and his dad said, 'What the hell is that?'”

Terrified, she called her mum for advice who told her to ring 111, however, her dad suggested she take the youngster straight to A&E. As soon as she arrived at the hospital she explained the situation to reception and it was suggested that little Harvery immediately see a specialist.



Before a specialist could check the little boy, a nurse came in to check the vitals, and Becky was made aware of her embarrassing mistake.
Becky said,

“One nurse said let me just get my pen torch and have a look. After about 30 seconds of looking, she said, 'That's a sticker'. Me being an idiot told her, 'No look that's a hole'. She put her finger in his mouth and hooked it out. I laughed, was shaking and so embarrassed.”



Although Becky was left red-faced by the incident, she was more than grateful that her son was fine. Moreover, all this give the medical staff a laugh, and even Harvey was laughing along by the end of it all.
She said,

“Harvey found it funny too! I told her I felt like a right prat, and that if Covid wasn't a thing I would hug her. She replied with, 'Well I've never fixed a cleft palate at A&E doors before'. We all carried on laughing as we made the walk of shame back to the car. In the car I had to swallow my pride even more and make all the phone calls again to let everyone know Harvey didn't in fact have a hole in his mouth. He had taken a liking to stickers.”

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Article and Image Source: LadBible

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