This man sends out valentine’s day roses to widowed women every year.

This man sends out valentine’s day roses to widowed women every year.

Seth Stewart, 29 years old, from Spokane, Washington, spends every valentine’s day giving flowers to women who are either widows or military wives to make their day memorable and special.

Valentine’s day is one of the most special days since it is dedicated to love. However, where it brings happiness, chocolates, and flowers for most, it is also a source of heartbreaks and pain for many since their loved ones are not around.

When Seth Stewart, a 29-year-old from Spokane, Washington, saw this, he came up with the sweetest idea possible. For the last eight years, he has been handing out roses to widows and military wives so that everyone can have a happy Valentine's Day.

Seth Stewart


This all started when one fine day, one of Seth’s brothers decided to hand out 24 roses to all his single friends. They all loved it so much that the idea suddenly popped in Seth’s mind.


Flower delivery


After this, word of his generosity got around, and people started sending him requests for deliveries on their behalf as well. Soon, this act of kindness converted into an annual tradition.




The Stewarts have even started their own delivery service. However, this service is specifically dedicated to handing out their valentine’s day roses.


Rose rush


People send free rose requests to their Facebook page, and every single person that is promised a rose gets one. Usually, the recipients are single women and widows, but some community members also ask for roses to be sent to women whose lives have been seriously impacted. They also give you an option to add messages explaining why you’re sending this person a rose.

Rose rush team


This Valentine's Day, Rose Rush delivered over 600 roses to women in the community and surrounding area. They are even thinking of expanding to other areas as well.

Source : Diply 

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