This mama in Texas was just reunited with her quadruplets after 8 days apart.

This mama in Texas was just reunited with her quadruplets after 8 days apart.

The reunion of the quadruplets after eight days apart from their mother was painful and exciting. The Austin based couple, Starlyn and Bill Cafferatas were bound due to the Texas storms and were the thing that pushed this mama away from her newborns.

Having quadruplets is one thing and then going through the trauma of them being in NICU is a lot of stress but the pain doesn't end only here. 




So prepare to feel all the feels for this new mama who was separated from her four NICU babies for the longest period of eight days because of the Texas storms.




Having your baby in the NICU is heart-wrenching for new parents but this is a story of quadruplets. And after that when you are not being able to travel to the hospital for visits, you nearly die of anxiety and restlessness. So that's unimaginably difficult. Unfortunately, Starlyn and Bill Cafferata, the Texas couple know exactly what it feels like.




The Cafferatas is based in Austin and they welcomed quadruplets in January. 
After the delivery, the babies were placed in NICU for some time but that is exactly when the Texas storms hit the hardest. 




Starlyn and Bill thought they were prepared for the Texas storms as they were brought up in New Jersey but things turned out to be exactly the opposite. It soon became clear that the Texas storm rendered the roads too dangerous to drive.

Moreover, Cafferata quadruplets were in a hospital 40 miles away from their parents' home, the couple went through eight terribly long days without seeing their babies.

"It was absolutely brutal, that feeling that you can't get to your kids," said Starlyn. "The nurses and staff were incredible, FaceTiming us and calling. But not being able to hold them was brutal."

However, the painful time ended and the mama was finally reunited with her babies and a clip of the reunion has gone viral on TikTok. The video shows Starlyn driving to the hospital, walking through the hallways, and at last grabbing her babies, Lennon, Stella, Francesca, and Enzo, into her arms.




The emotional moments were captured in a video that went viral. Starlyn reportedly brought 300 ounces of pumped breast milk with her and was shocked by how much her babies had grown in just eight days. "They looked so different — they were bigger," Starlyn said. "It was super emotional for me." 

Distance from children is painful and when it's about the newborns it becomes quite heart-wrenching. And the reunion was equally emotional and lovely for the whole family.

Article and Image source: Diply

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