This Lovely Golden Retriever With Black Mark On Face Becomes Internet Sensation.

This Lovely Golden Retriever With Black Mark On Face Becomes Internet Sensation.

It doesn't matter how bad things are but it is almost definitely guaranteed that a big fluffy bundle of joy would cheer you up, particularly if its tongue and tail are wagging!

As any internet user can testify, there are a lot of animal superstars online today. Many have achieved attention not just for their cuteness value, but also for how original they are.

This golden retriever with a giant but cute symbol created on his face by a genetic mutation is a case in point.

This adorable snap was captioned: "The moment right before the ball is in the air is the most exciting moment in the world. #iamonewiththeballtheballisonewithme"






Enzo Viola is a golden retriever and he has achieved a staggering 182,000 followers on his @mister.enzoviola Instagram page, where he likes to show his playful side on video.

He enjoys nothing more than playing in the great outdoors, as Enzo's Instagram page reveals, and in one post, he can be seen flipping around while playing fetch.




Enzo's abilities, though, also spread to the kitchen, and he's a professional doggy barista too.

This picture was captioned: "Woke up thinking about puppicinos and hatched a plan. Borrow apron, show up for work, and make them for myself when no one is looking. Think it'll work?"




Now, if he isn't recruited by Starbucks for their new promotional campaign, I'm going to start up a coffee chain so I can do it myself.

Just look at that grin, I mean, who could resist this?




Clearly, Enzo is a very energetic puppy, but it seems like his family is more than able to keep up with him, and he's living his best life for everyone to see.

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Video Credit: Youtube


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