This lady was left driving in circles at a gas station after failing to align her fuel tank with a pump four times.

This lady was left driving in circles at a gas station after failing to align her fuel tank with a pump four times.

A video has gone viral on social media of a woman trying to use a fuel pipe at a petrol pump after pulling up on the wrong side. After multiple attempts, the woman manages to park her vehicle and fill her car.

We all have removed the fuel cap on the wrong side of the petrol pump. That occurs. But have you ever done that in a row? several times? The lady below has, and for entertaining watching it makes:

When he found that the woman had already pulled up on the wrong side twice, the director of this comedy started shooting.

Of course, once is permissible, but bewildered as to how twice in a row she had done so, he then did the honourable thing and kept filming as she returned to her car again.

Narrating the motorist's efforts, the anonymous man behind the camera says: "This is the second time she's done this, so she should now drive so that it's on the driver's side, so that the tank is on the driver's side."


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Yet as the woman begins to manoeuvre her vehicle again, it becomes clear that she will again make the same mistake-much to the dismay of our commentator.

He says: "Oh no! Oh no. She knows, she has to know. She just saw that it's not on the passenger's side... OK, so she's pulled up again on the wrong side."

Then the woman gets out and steps straight by her fuel cap before spinning in surprise when she discovers that she once again made the same mistake.

As she clambers back in the car, our narrator says: "OK, OK, now she's got it. Now she's got it."


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His trust, though, appears to be misguided, when the woman turns the car around to the right, parks up and gets out-with the cap on the wrong side again.

Sadly, this is as far as the footage goes, but the gossip has it that the lady runs out of petrol before she could pull up to the right side ... She got it the next time, just kidding, after the lady in the commentator's car got out to help her.

However, you've got to care for her. The video has already been widely shared on social media and has proved a viral success, amassing more than 12 million views, as if her fuel-based mishap was not irritating and humiliating enough.

Ah, if it's any consolation to her, it sure made my day happier.

It is worth looking at the fuel symbol on your dashboard, which will always have a tiny arrow pointing to the right side, if you ever find yourself forgetting which side your fuel cap is on. If no arrow appears, then the pump handle on the icon should be on the correct side.

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