This 4-Year Old Kid, Managed How To Ride Waves Completely Unaccompanied, On His Own Surfboard After First Standing Up On A Board At The Age Of Two.

This 4-Year Old Kid, Managed How To Ride Waves Completely Unaccompanied, On His Own Surfboard After First Standing Up On A Board At The Age Of Two.

After totally nailing surfing almost immediately, a young boy amazed his parents and even managed to stand up on his second ever wave without help.

Joao Vitor, from Guaruja, a coastal town 55 miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil, began surfing for the first time when he was just two years old, seeing his father and older sister in the sea every day.

His mother, Camilla Cheque Braga, told Jam Press: "He started swimming school when he was seven months old.

"His Sister Maria Clara and his father surf all day and introduced this sport into his life.


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"My husband always pushed Maria in the waves with Joao on his lap, so one day he asked to catch a wave just like his sister.

"That was when he pushed João and saw that he knew what he was doing."

Camilla and her husband were amazed by how easily their son-now aged four-mastered the difficult art of standing up on the board, something in which many people struggle far older.


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Camilla, a housewife, continued: "When he stood up the first time me and my husband, who was helping him, did not believe it because he was just a baby.

"My husband thought he would just stay lying down on the surfboard, but he stood up and surfed the wave straight.

"He loves the sea, both for surfing and swimming. He is always happy."


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The older sister of Joao, Maria Clara, is just as skilled, and the two frequently take each other to the waves-often even riding the same surfboard.

Their proud mum said: "My daughter Maria Clara started surfing when she was 3 years and 6 months. But before that, since she was 2 and a half, she practiced bodyboard.
"I take them to the beach every day, and they usually surf every day.

"They usually surf in the Beach in front of my house, Pitangueiras beach, on the south coast of São Paulo.


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"I just don't take them on very cold and rainy days.

"People are delighted and surprised with such a small child surfing with such skill and so well."

Although Joao is obviously a talented surfer, Camilla has said that it is too early to tell what the future holds for him.


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"I think he got interested in the sport very early and practices very well for his age but I think it's too early to know if he will be a professional surfer," she said.

However, Joao's surfing in the meantime brings joy to others-with pictures and videos of him in action leaving social media users in surprise.


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One referred to him as the 'Prince of Waves', while another said his skills were 'so impressive'.

"This baby is inspiring me," a third added.

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