This Japanese Man Creates Amazing Food Art Influenced By Adorable Animals.

This Japanese Man Creates Amazing Food Art Influenced By Adorable Animals.

The Japanese guy whose nickname is Boc Metal makes cute little characters and elaborate scenes from the ingredients he finds at home, from rice to zucchini and Japanese omelete and transform them into edible bits of wonder.

If you have ever felt like your plate does not really spark excitement, and let's be frank, it occurs quite often than we would like to acknowledge, you may want to get influenced by this Japanese art of food. Also regarded as kyaraben, in intricate styles and arrangements it includes fun and super kawaii food.




And one Osaka, Japanese food artist who goes by the nickname Boc Metal is a great example of getting fun back to the table. From the ingredients he finds at home, the guy makes cute little characters and creative scenes: from rice to zucchini and Japanese omelette all transform into tasty bits of wonder.



If you are already acquainted with the related idea of bento, you would probably already know what this is all about kyaraben. This is essentially the same type of lunch box meal home-packed and pre-prepared style but ten times more sweet, quirky, and enjoyable. Kyaraben applies to the most amazingly complex food arrangements, where there are no limits to imagination and ingenuity.



This form of Japanese food art started as a fun way of tackling picky eating in young kids, but it soon blew up all over the social media and became a real subgenre of bento art with hundreds of thousands of followers around the world.




Kyaraben composition features a fun, edible recreation of famous Disney, Ghibli studio, and Sanrio characters. Among the most popular are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Totoro, and Hello Kitty, but the artist is always free to come up with his own imaginary creatures.



The best thing about this super cute lunch is it doesn't take long. All you need are the supplies that are available for you in the refrigerator and a few handy bento tools like vegetable cutters, rice molds, nori hole punches, stencil plates, and any other kitchenware that you may find in a baker's aisle or in a supermarket's kids section.



In particular, bento art is very significant traditionally for many Japanese because it provides a means of contact between the seller and the one who eats it. The affection and care you put in a bento meal is reflected in the elegant attention to detail and the unbelievable designs it took hours to create.




Besides that, most bento is made of carefully picked organic ingredients because that's how Japanese mothers ensure they take care of their loved ones and eat nutritious food.

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Image Credits: Boc_Metal

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