This Is What Happens When You Seek Favours From The 'Wrong' Guy!

This Is What Happens When You Seek Favours From The 'Wrong' Guy!

Photoshop wizard, James Fridman 'fixes' other people's photographs on request. But like the true professional that he is, he literally does EXACTLY as he's instructed!

Do you have an image that you'd like morphed? Well, whatever you need, this person here can help. His name is James Fridman, however, we consider him the Photoshop maestro, in light of the fact that as should be obvious from his funny manifestations, there is by all accounts nothing that he can't do.

He 'fixes' other individuals' photos on demand, yet like the genuine expert that he is, he only does exactly as he's told, which is the reason his photos are hilariously clever. Rest guaranteed that regardless of how explicit of a solicitation you give this man, your wish is his command! See for yourself: 

1. Child's play 


2. Apply ice to the burned area 


3. Wait, what? 


4. *Standing ovation 


5. Those feet tho 


6. Sorry, not sorry! 


7. The horror! 


8. The smile says it all 


9. Done as asked! 


10. If you can't beat them, eat them! 


11. Priorities set straight! 


12. Ouch! 


13. Give this man a medal 


14. ROFL 


15. Right in the feels 


16. A for efforts 


17. True love 


18. Spreading joy, one photo at a time! 


19. Like an absolute boss 


20. Seems only fair 


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