This guy comes up with solutions for problems that don’t exist and makes products no one needs.

This guy comes up with solutions for problems that don’t exist and makes products no one needs.

Matt Benedetto calls himself the evil genius and using diverse methods from 3D Printing, Sewing, Mold Making, and more. He creates unnecessary inventions from his studio. Matt even has a whole Instagram account dedicated to his crazy inventions that solve non-existent problems.

Matt Benedetto, owner and founder of unnecessary Inventions, is based in Burlington Vermont. He is known for creating products that solve problems that don’t really exist and that no one is really asking for.

Using diverse methods from 3D Printing, Sewing, Mold Making, and more, he creates each unnecessary invention from his studio. Everything from idea to physical product is unique and created by him. Each product is editorially shot to resemble a real marketing campaign for a product you cannot get your hands on.

The project explores creativity, experimentation with design & processes, and pokes fun at the real products people will actually purchase online.

Here are some of the fun products he recently came up with:

#1. The Cocktail Hourglass

This invention truly limits you to one drink per hour. It is one of a kind our glass with a removable lid and base. Fill the bottom-up section with ice, pour in your favorite cocktail up top, slide in a metal straw, and patiently enjoy your cocktail over the next 60 minutes.




#2. Glizzy Gripper

Hot dogs are a messy thing to eat in public. This invention lets you eat your hotdogs privately in public. We all know that feeling of looking over our shoulder before diving into a fresh hot dog.




#3. The MowTender

Mow your lawn and get a fresh beer delivered. This new tech combines the ease of an automated robotic lawnmower and the convince of a bartender. Enjoy your Sunday chores on a whole new level with the most productive beer delivery system ever.




#4. The MrBeast Grippy Hand

This faux hand features a numerous high suction pads to firmly grip any surface and never let go. The comfortable hand will enable long hours of prolonged holding no matter how long the challenge runs. 




#5. The Candle Cannon

Stop spitting on your cake when you blow out your candles. This miniature air blaster slides easily onto your fingers for every birthday occasion. Pull back on the elastic rear and end a shockwave of air toward your cake to blow out your candles!




#6. Shower Curtain Towel

Never forget a towel ever again! Your shower curtain is now also your towel with our new invention. Simply dry off and let it hang to air dry until the next time you shower! There nothing like the good smell of a damp towel in the bathroom.




#7. Megaphone Mask

Be heard while staying safe! While wearing a mask is necessary, it can be a struggle at times to catch every spoken word. Our newest mask sports an integrated megaphone to project your conversation for everyone within earshot.




#8. The Commuter Cup Carrier

A place for your coffee on your daily commute. When the bus or subway is running late whip out this ultra sleek cup holder that unfolds and securely attaches to your shoe. Slide it on and drop your cup while you patiently wait to go where you’re headed. 




#9. Grocery Cart Hoodie

You are now the shopping cart! This revolutionary hoodie is outfitted with a secret expandable mesh compartment. Simply buckle it to your shoulders so you can become the perfect handsfree shopping bag. 




#10. Social Scrolling Case

Non-stop hands-free scrolling for all your social apps. Our newest smartphone case is equipped with a patented automatic scrolling mechanism that is calibrated to all of your networks. Each mode adjusts to the perfect scrolling speeds. Say goodbye to cramped thumbs.




If you are interested in getting amused by more of his products. Visit the Instagram page unnecessaryinventions

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