This grandma loves to dress her poodles up for taking pictures with her grandkids

This grandma loves to dress her poodles up for taking pictures with her grandkids

This grandma is living the best life photographing her poodles and grandkids.

This grandma has the best hobby ever. If this is not the definition of the best post-retirement life, then I don’t know what is.
Tamanegi, a grandma from Japan, has dedicated an entire Instagram page to documenting the absolutely adorable relationship between her young grandkids and her three giant poodles. Anything we admire more than cute dogs is cute dogs bonding with children.




She came up with this account when her granddaughter Mame was just one year old, and since then, her profile goes viral every now and then.




Her grandchildren posing with her giant poodles is a sight to cherish.




Although grandma Tamanegi has two other poodles, Gaku and Qoo, who regularly featured in these early pictures as well, it was clear that Mame and Riku shared a particularly special bond.




Mame also has a little brother Mugi who, of course, gets along splendidly with his grandma’s dogs, too.




The bunch hangs out together every day and gets into all sorts of shenanigans. Grandma makes sure to document every moment candidly.




The only furry fella in this family with black fur, the eldest dog, Qoo, acts as the group’s leader and keeps a mindful eye on both the children’s and the other poodles’ activity. He is currently 13 years old.




Riku, age 11, is the calming center of the bunch who regularly takes naps with the kids. The newest member of the canine trio, three-year-old Guku, is all about having fun and makes the most out of play time.




The dogs have been around for every big and small moments of the children’s lives.




As of writing, the Instagram account has nearly 600,000 followers, and that number just keeps on growing.

Article Source: Diply

Image source: Instagram

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