This ER doctor had to self-isolate in his kids’ backyard tree house after dealing with COVID-19 patients.

This ER doctor had to self-isolate in his kids’ backyard tree house after dealing with COVID-19 patients.

This ER doctor from Texas has been dealing with a lot of COVID-19 patients lately, hence, he had to self-quarantine. However, instead of isolating in a hotel, he decided to move into his kids’ backyard tree house.

Health care workers around the world have been fighting on the frontline with the deadly contagion. A number of our heroes have lost their lives in the process as well.
From losing their lives, to suffering from painful bruises on their faces to staying away from their family. These super humans are doing anything and everything they have to, to keep us safe.
One such ER doctor from Corpus Christi, Texas caught the attention of reporters as he is quarantining in his kids’ tree house after coming in contact coronavirus positive patients.



39-year old Jason Barnes who works as a doctor at both Christus Spohn Hospital Beeville and Christus Spohn Hospital South, recently became worried for the safety of his family as he worked to fight the virus.



Since Barnes works in ER, he treats patients for a variety of illnesses and injuries. However, he recently discovered that some of the patients he has been treating have tested positive for coronavirus.
He told USA today, 

“The main reason I'm isolating from my family because I've been treating patients with the virus. My wife and kids often get sick with things I bring home from the hospital, and many times in the emergency department, we get caught off guard with patients.”

Instead of moving to a hotel or renting an RV, Barnes decided that the treehouse was more convenient since it was safer and was closer to his family as well.



Barnes has been living in the tree house for over three weeks now. The tree house has all the necessary amenities like an air conditioner and a camping toilet. The best part is the Wi-Fi reaches the treehouse.



Showers, although, are a challenge for him. On days he is off from work, he has to take a bath in his lawn with his son holding the hose. Thankfully, the hedges are tall.
His wife leaves him food packages at the door and he picks them up before the dogs can devour it.



Here’s to hoping Barnes returns home sooner than later.

Article and Image Source: Diply

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