This Eleven-Year-Old Boy Leaps Behind The Wheel To Save Grandma Suffering From A Medical Emergency.

This Eleven-Year-Old Boy Leaps Behind The Wheel To Save Grandma Suffering From A Medical Emergency.

An 11-year-old school child illegally got behind the wheel of his grandma's car in Indianapolis, USA. The kid is hailed a hero after his grandma got the urgent medical assistance she required after falling ill.

PJ Brewer-Laye, who has turned 12 then, hurried to support his grandmother Angela while the pair was out together.

With Angela walking and PJ riding his go-kart, the woman began to feel sick from her residence a mile and a half, struggling from what looked like low blood sugar, including feeling shaky and seeing spots in her sight.

Standing on his feet, young PJ raced back into his grandmother's home and returned to her Mercedes-Benz a few minutes later.


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Angela told local station 11Alive: "I was leaning against a stop sign, then all of a sudden I looked to my right and I saw my car, my Mercedes Benz coming towards me. Wait a minute.

"Looked in the car. It was him, it was PJ."

PJ does not have a driving permit, of course, but he has previous experience driving cars for his grandfather in their yard before-and, of course, owning a dirt bike, four-wheeler and his toy go-kart.


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The kid, however, did not let his lack of experience get the best out of him and pushed his grandmother to get medical assistance.

Selecting the Mercedes-Benz obviously because the keys were the easiest to find, PJ was 'calm and collected' behind the wheel, Angela said.

She added: "He did not go up the curb, in the grass or nothing. Pulled down in the driveway and into the garage."


Credit: 11Alive


Angela - who is close to her grandson - said of the ordeal: "He's an extra special little boy and he doesn't ask for anything in return."

"He kept a cool head. Better than many adults. Hope gran is ok," wrote one social media user.

Another commented: "He was a brave boy who saved his grandma, I am very proud of him for what he did and I hope that your grandma gets better soon."


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