This doctor wears six masks on top of each other to debunk the hypoxia due to wearing mask myth.

This doctor wears six masks on top of each other to debunk the hypoxia due to wearing mask myth.

Dr. Maitiu O Tuathail, on continually being asked whether masks cause lower oxygen levels, wears six to debunk the myth.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been claiming that wearing masks cause lower oxygen levels leading to hypoxia or hypoxemia, which causes symptoms like confusion and an increased heart rate. Many doctors, including Dr. Maitiu have been asked questions regarding this myth. To disregard all the questions in one go, the doc decided to put on six masks and monitor his oxygen levels.



At this point, people should understand that doctors, especially surgeons, often have to wear masks for a good portion of their day, so it’s pretty safe to say that masks don’t lower oxygen levels. A surgeon performing an 18-hour operation on a patient’s brain has to constantly wear a surgical mask. If it caused any conditions in question, they would have been banned by now.
Despite this, Dr. Maitiu O Tuathail was game to provide proof that wearing a mask won’t lower a person’s oxygen levels.




He set up his camera, hooked himself up to an oxygen monitor, and started putting on masks. As the layers of masks built up, the monitor showed that his oxygen levels didn’t waver.



Maitiu is not the first medical professional to give proof. Many doctors took to twitter to demonstrate that masks don’t restrict breathing.




Dr. Mark Lewis, a medical oncologist, and director of gastrointestinal oncology at Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare did this experiment with 30 masks. His oxygen levels did not even budge.
He said,

I wanted to highlight the absurdity of the hypoxia argument from wearing PPE. Essentially since we learned about antiseptic procedures and germ theory from Ignaz Semmelweis and Joseph Lister we’ve been using coverings of one sort or another to avoid transmitting infection as healthcare workers.”

Similarly, a volcanologist, took to twitter to bash people spreading similar myths.




Hence,wear your masks and stay safe.

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Article Source: Diply

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