This doctor takes his 87-year-old coronavirus patient to watch the sunset with him

This doctor takes his 87-year-old coronavirus patient to watch the sunset with him

An 87-year-old coronavirus patient who was in quarantine for more than a month was taken out by his doctor to watch a beautiful sunset near the hospital.

Amidst this pandemic, the first and last thing we need at this moment is humanity. Fortunately, we don’t see a lack of it around the world.


This touching picture of a patient and his doctor watching the sunset together is proof of how people are helping each other cope in this emergency.




The picture shows an 87-year-old patient and his doctor taking a moment to enjoy the sunset together in Wuhan, China, and it is hitting people right in the warm and fuzzies.
The doctor, Liu Kai, is a 27-year-old and is personally catering to the patient.



According to him,

“The elderly man had been stuck in the isolation ward [at Renmin Hospital] for nearly a month, which made him a bit depressed. I thought the rays of the sun might cheer him up.”

The pair were making their way to the quarantine room after getting a CT scan done. That is when the Kai noticed the beautiful sunset and decided to take his patient out for a brief moment.



Kai said, 

“Since coming to Wuhan, we have been working shifts around the clock. I also wanted to enjoy [the sunset] awhile.”

Due to being in quarantine for a while, the patient grew depressed and stressed. He didn’t feel like talking to people around him and was in the worst of spirits.
The five minutes in the fresh air watching the sunset were exactly what he needed. It not only improved the patient’s mood but also made him feel content and satisfied.
The picture is currently making rounds on the internet and is being shared on Weibo, Instagram, and Facebook.

Article source: Diply

Image source: Instagram

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