This Couples Lives Out of a School Bus with Their Two Children and An Adorable Toy Dog.

This Couples Lives Out of a School Bus with Their Two Children and An Adorable Toy Dog.

Ian and Hannah known as ‘Hanzian’ in Instagram live out of a renovated school bus with their cute little toddlers and an adorable dog.

Over the past, you would have noticed how more and more people are giving up their stationary lives in exchange for living off the road and it actually sounds fun.
Meet Ian and Hannah who decided to battle the soaring real estate prices and decided to live from a renovated school bus.




In a recent interview, the couple revealed that they had not considered bus life until 2016. Their lease was running out on their townhome, and they were ready to own something. Unfortunately, the sky-high real estate prices put them off.
Hence, they decided to convert a 1991 model school bus into their home. They bought the bus in 2017 after paying off all their debts. Since they didn’t have kids back then, they took on the project vigor.




The couple took a year and a half to renovate the bus. And it was all worth it. Their bus a.k.a. Skoolie has turned into a full-fledged home on wheels.





It looks like one of those tiny houses renovations we see on the TV. Look at this dreamy kitchen. Although it is small, it is usable and stylish.




The flooring is more than stunning. They have truly gone with the current trends. Hence, on contrary to common belief, they are not missing out on a lot.




The bedroom area has a split inverter AC and a cute and convenient bassinet for their new baby.




Their newborn arrived in June 2020! They put a hanging bassinet next to their bed and hoped he would take to it, which he immediately did.

Their toddler Nora sleeps across the newborn in her girly crib.




The back area of the bus is kept open for any future renovations.
However, its not always glamorous. With their busy lifestyle it gets messy most of the times.




The Skoolie also has a bathroom (of course!) and a complete bathing area.







Everything inside is powered by solar power mounted on the top of the bus.
Lastly, the most important member of the family Girlie.




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Article Source: Diply



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