This calf was born with a third eye on his forehead and it looks quite peculiar, almost spooky

This calf was born with a third eye on his forehead and it looks quite peculiar, almost spooky

An 'extremely rare' cow was born with a third eye in the middle of its forehead.

Mother nature has different ways of showing that she can be really spooky at times. This rare cow that was born with a third eye on the forehead is an example of how weird nature can be at times.
Nevertheless, despite its unique nature, it's still destined for the same fate as other animals on its beef farm.



Vet Malan Hughes was TB-testing animals in North Wales when she stumbled upon a four-month-old calf with an unusual feature at a farm in Brynmawr. When the beef farmer was asked about the calf, she said,

“I rear about three thousand calves a year and have never seen anything like it.”

The vet explained that the third eye is a 'developmental anomaly' since it has eyelids and eyelashes. Apart from this, the calf is completely healthy. He was named 'Isaiah' after Hughes shared a photo of him on social media, asking if anyone had seen anything like it before.



Hughes wrote,

"Can't quite believe what we spotted today... anyone else ever seen one?"

After examining the eye, Hughes said, the eye 'looks fine' from the outside, and is moist - as if some sort of lubricant is being secreted. She added,

“But it's impossible to know if anything is going on behind the eye. Having a calf or any animal with this impairment is extremely rare. I have never heard of, or seen one like this before. The calf seems perfectly healthy. We were doing other work with the herd when we noticed the fault. He will surely live a normal life for such an animal.”

Sadly, the third eye will not be winning him any special favors. Before this, only one such case came forward in Tamil Nadu, a village in India, where a three-eyed calf called Shiva is now worshipped as a religious deity after being born in 2014.
Isaiah, on the other hand, will be headed for the dinner plate, just like the other animals on the beef farm.

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Article and Image source: LadBible

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