This bride’s plan to serve one chicken tender per guest on her extravagant wedding were shared online.

This bride’s plan to serve one chicken tender per guest on her extravagant wedding were shared online.

This bride plans to feed her guest only one chicken tender during her wedding lunch. How bizarre is that?

Food is one of the things that the bride and groom put most thought in mainly because they want their guests to remember their wedding in good words.
However, it looks like this bride has different plans. I understand that it’s never easy knowing how to cater for large crowds, especially at weddings, where you often need a good spread.




However, this bride-to-be is apparently hoping to feed her 200 guests with nothing but chicken tenders. That is not even the worst part. Each guest has been allocated just one each.
Now you ask how we know this story? Well… someone who knew the mother-of-the-groom had heard of the bizarre set-up and decided to share the story on Reddit. The person thanked God that they are not invited to the big day, so haven't risked losing out on their single chicken tender.


The woman who disclosed the story goes by the name U/artsygirl. She explained, that the wedding was already off to a bit of a weird start with the bachelorette party. The bride had chosen her sister-in-law as her maid of honor and expected her to pay for the three-day hen do - which, unsurprisingly, she couldn't afford, meaning the mother-of-the-groom had to pay instead.
For context, while the mother-of-the-bride was invited to the bash, but the mother-of-the-groom wasn't, despite paying 'more than $10k already' for various elements of the wedding. Yikes.


The Reddit user wrote.

“Bride's parents haven't paid for ANYTHING. No one has said 'thank you' to MOG. It gets worse. 200 people RSVPed, wedding is a week out at this point. While at the boozy bachelorette, bride calls MOG and asks if she can pick up the food on the day of the wedding. MOG asks where she's picking it up from and what it is.”

She further wrote,

“It's 200 chicken tenders. That's it. That's all the food they've thought to order for the wedding. 200 individual chicken tenders for 200 people. Oh, and an open bar and a wedding cake. MOG is beside herself and starts calling around to catering companies to see if she can get anything that resembles a meal in time. One company pulls through. Bride asks if she can SEE THE MENU BEFORE MOG ORDERS ANYTHING. No 'thank you'.”

They promised to update others 'with any additional shenanigans' they heard about, but in the meantime, hundreds of people flocked to the comments to express their outrage - not just about the food, but the whole messy affair.
One person wrote,

“MOG needs to just step back and let the s*** hit the fan. If you're that clueless or cheap to only order 200 tendies then there is no hope for you. Just wow.”

Another person chipped in,

“I don't think they're clueless, I think it's worse than that - they pretty shrewdly manipulated MOG into paying for the meals.”

A third person added,

“Strongly suspect this will be a train wreck even with this intervention. Anything planned this poorly isn't going to go off well in spite of MOG trying her best to mop up the messes she notices.”

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Article and Image Source: Ladbible

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