This bride let her Bridesmaid appear in pictures while pumping milk and its going viral.

This bride let her Bridesmaid appear in pictures while pumping milk and its going viral.

This 28-year-old nurse in Alabama asked her Maid of Honor to take pictures with all the other bridesmaids when she was pumping milk and people are loving it.

We all have known that one bridezilla who wants everything perfect at their wedding. However, sometimes between wanting everything to be perfect and being anxious on how their big day will go, brides sometimes lose it. Hence, the internet is filled with horror stories especially when it comes to banishing breastfeeding moms to bathrooms.
Hence when this 28-year-old bride did not do something of the sort, rather asked her bridesmaid to flaunt herself while pumping in her wedding pictures, it took the internet by a storm.



Downs met her husband in nursing school and they tied a knot on October 25, 2019.



Her bridal party included five of her close friends and her daughter.



Since she already was a mother, she knew how hard breastfeeding is for new moms. Hence, when one of her friends (Allison Helper) was pumping at the intimate party, she felt nothing but love for her and her baby.



They both have been friends for more than 15 years now and are more like close knit sisters.



Since Helper had an infant at the wedding with her, she had to use a breast pump for him multiple times throughout the wedding day and Downs understood the experience, as she was actually pregnant with her daughter when Hepler got married a few years ago.



At the before party wedding shoot, the groom and his men got done with the shoot rather early. So, the photographer asked the girls to start posing. However, Helper was pumping at the time and was rather sorry to be the reason for delaying pictures.



At this time, the photographer had a phenomenal idea and suggested Hepler pose with her breast pump on. To which Down’s was like why not?
The picture turned out better than any of them expected. She said,

“We never thought it would blow up the way it did, but I am glad it did. I was so happy with the way that it turned out. We were trying to make it something lighthearted and funny, and it turned out better than I could have thought.”

The photo sends such a positive message about motherhood since there is a bug stigma around breast pumping.
Here’s to hoping more people start looking at this as a natural phenomenon and nothing else.

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Article and Image Source: Today, Insider

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