This bird called Silver-Eared Mesia is a burst of autumn colors, and we love it

This bird called Silver-Eared Mesia is a burst of autumn colors, and we love it

Mother nature never ceases to amaze us. This bird looks like it fell into a barrel of vibrant colors.

This Silver-Eared Mesia looks like it is wrapped in a beautiful autumn glow. The beautiful reds, gold, and tones of greys and blacks give such a heart-warming vibe. How does mother nature always know what colors to combine?



Autumn is my favorite color due to the multiple shades of yellow. I get to see every year. These little beauties with their fall-inspired colors remind us to look beyond our own backyards and borders to appreciate the full world of avifauna.



Most of us have neither seen nor heard of Silver-Eared Mesia (at least I had not until a few days ago).
These species are found throughout southern Asia, particularly in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Laos. They are fond of moist, tropical forests of southern China and will sometimes migrate to down to India in the winter.



Their habitat mostly consists of forests, including plantations and gardens, ideally with broadleaf trees or mixed vegetation to provide suitable insect habitat and a range of fruits for abundant foraging.
The best part is, unlike many bird species with both females and males share the spotlight here. Just like males, the females also have vibrant colored feathers.
The most obvious aesthetic difference between the two genders is that the males have throats that are red-orange, while females are yellow.



Between different birds the exact color patterns can shift, with their backs varying between grey or olive, and the ratio of gray to red in the wings. Yet, they all have distinctive black heads with shiny silver ear patches.
Owning to their varying patterns researchers currently consider there to be at least seven subspecies of the silver-eared mesia, but they are still learning more about what might make each subspecies distinctive.

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