This beautiful violet backed starling looks like an Amethyst flying in the air

This beautiful violet backed starling looks like an Amethyst flying in the air

This beautiful violet backed bird native to North America looks like a gemstone flying in the air.

Starlings are common birds and are considered nice enough to live around. However, if you are from North America, you might have a slightly different point of view.
These beautiful violet backed starlings native to North America often find themselves in the nuisance category. Which, to be honest, is fair since the specie is pretty invasive and usually push out other native birds from the area.




The species became a part of the area when a New York pharmaceutical manufacturer named Eugene Schieffelin as the chairman of the American Acclimatization Society, decided to release 60 European starlings were in Central Park. This was done under his plan to bring every bird species name-checked by Shakespeare to the new world.
Where the violet backed starlings, also known as Amethyst starlings, are pretty noisy and annoying, other species in the same category have proven to be lovely neighborhood birds.




The Amethyst starlings can also be found throughout the woodlands and savannah forests of sub-Saharan Africa.




The male birds have bright white bellies and incredible purple backs that become iridescent in the sunlight.



As far as their diet is concerned, like most starling species, they eat anything and everything from insects to tree frogs, to fruits and berries. They also tend to raid the nests of other bird species, stealing both nesting materials and hatchlings when food is limited.

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