This bearded reedling is most probably the roundest bird in the world of birds

This bearded reedling is most probably the roundest bird in the world of birds

These bearded reedlings with long tails are the closest to borbs (orb-like bird) any bird will ever get.

Birds are by far the most diverse class of animals. From poptastic Dracula parrots to Golden peasants, every specie has a set of beautiful characteristics that leave us in awe.
One such creature that I came across is these bearded reedlings who are as round as birds can ever be. If you are not a fan of bird watching, trust me after coming across these beautiful round birds, you will be.




Bearded reedlings are a small-sized bird with a long tail. They are approximately 16.5cm in size and could easily fit into your palm.




Thanks to their unique appearance, they are easily recognizable in nature. Most of the time, you will see them resting by doing a split on three branches.




Males are easily distinguished by females thanks to their gingerish-brown overall with bluish-grey heads and a huge black mustache (I honestly don’t know why they are called bearded reedlings).




The black mustache-like markings go from under their eyes down to their throats with similar black streaks beneath their tails.




Females, on the other hand, are much paler and don’t have any mustache markings nor black streaks under their tales. They also have darker beaks than males.




This specie of bird can be found residing across Europe and Asia all year long. They can be found in wetlands among the reeds that give them their name. Unlike many birds, they don’t migrate.

Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Instagram

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