Autistic Pair Gets Engaged On Their First Date After Six Months Apart.

Autistic Pair Gets Engaged On Their First Date After Six Months Apart.

A 16-year-old proposed the day he could eventually reunite with his partner, after being held apart for six months due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

Steven and Lillie hail from North Wales, and they have both autism and ADHD. As well as possessing a rare hereditary chromosome mutation and learning delays, Lillie has autism.

The pair met at their special school for the first time, fittingly last year on Valentine's Day and they have been together ever since.

Per Sky News, who interviewed the happy couple and their friends, were regularly in contact via phone and video calls during the lockdown. But they were eventually able to meet face to face on the 12th of August, for the first time in six months.



And the meeting resulted in a romantic proposal "as we get older"

Steven said that he was "sad" without Lillie, adding: "She's funny, she buys me presents, and she's beautiful," as they enjoyed their first lunch together.
"Stupid COVID, it's rubbish!" Lillie corroborated.

Lillie's mother, Emma Dodd, said that the pair had struggled over the course of the pandemic. "It feels like we've had to literally lock her up for lockdown," she explained. "The only time Lillie's been out of the house before now is for the regular operations she needs as part of her complex care needs."



Although both parents testified that raising autistic children is difficult, they claimed that the constraints surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have brought additional stress to their entire lives.

But their reunion was a special day for all involved. "It's just heartwarming to see them together," Steven's grandmother and guardian, Jean Bagely, told the publication. "All they wanted was to see each other and have a hug. A little bit of normality."


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Credits: Em Dodd


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