This Amusement Park Lets Visitors Go Crocodile Diving In Their 'Cage Of Death'.

This Amusement Park Lets Visitors Go Crocodile Diving In Their 'Cage Of Death'.

In Darwin, Australia, there is a park which will encourage you to get into the water and dive with live crocodiles. The park is known as Crocosaurus Cove, and was opened in 2008. It contains around 200 crocodiles, including some of the biggest saltwater crocs in the world.

We've all been looking for fresh and exciting ways to keep ourselves amused, with many of our interests and lifestyle preferences made impossible due to social distancing initiatives introduced nationwide amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Maybe it is this style of thought that will lead us to take a turn at the Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin City in a 'Cage of Death.'




This will mean tourists coming face to face with a 5 m saltwater crocodile, as all names suggest, being lowered into the water in a cage. The encounter (read: ordeal) is 15 minutes in total. A summary on the Crocosaurus Cove website for the attraction reads:

"Experience the ultimate face-to-face encounter as you are carefully lowered into the water with a 5m saltwater crocodile for 15 minutes.




"Take in his intimidating gaze, feel the sheer power of his 3-tonne bite force, and learn to appreciate his true strength and resilience as a modern-day dinosaur.

"The Cage of Death activity offers swimmers the opportunity to get up close and personal with our saltwater crocodiles in a controlled environment that is safe and enriching for both the crocodile and the visitor. Regular feeding throughout the experience is done in a way that encourages the crocodile’s natural instincts, giving swimmers the opportunity to witness our saltie’s infamous bite force under the supervision of trained handlers."




So, if shark diving isn't enough of a treat for you, you should head over to the website of Crocosaurus Cove to find out more about their Cage of Death and the other park attractions on display.

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