This 7-year-old won the ASPCA award for rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs from High-Kill Shelters.

This 7-year-old won the ASPCA award for rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs from High-Kill Shelters.

This kind-hearted 7-year-old boy has saved more than 1300 dogs from euthanasia and has recently won the ASPCA award for that.

Most of us believe that one person cannot make a huge change. Defying all odds, this 7-year-old taught us something completely different. Roman McConn is making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of rescue dogs.



He is no ordinary kid. For his 4th birthday, rather than asking for new toys and cars, he requested donations to the local dog shelter. Since then, his desire to help animals has only grown. He, along with his mother Jennifer, has worked to help local kill shelters relocate 31 dogs from Texas to Washington, where they found forever homes.



He and his family have named their quest as the ‘Project Freedom Ride’ and are currently working on expanding it. As of now, the organization has helped over 1300 dogs go to their forever homes.
Roman’s mother Jennifer usually records videos of dogs playing with him and uploads them on the Facebook page. As in most cases, people are concerned whether the dogs are good with children or not.



The Project Freedom Ride Facebook page has over 30,000 followers and continues to help dogs find homes all over Texas. The kid has made a huge impact and has attracted the attention of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who rewarded him with the ASPCA award and even flew him out to New York City for the ceremonies.




It so nice to see people working for the welfare of these animals. News like this always gives us more hope. Here's a story of a 9-year-old trying to single handedly support local shelters. Thanks to efforts like these Delaware became the first No-Kill State for Animal Shelters and Florida’s Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control marked a historic first after all dogs were adopted.

Article Source: Diply

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