This 19-year-old ‘Sexy Willy Wonka’ has taken TikTok around the world by a storm.

This 19-year-old ‘Sexy Willy Wonka’ has taken TikTok around the world by a storm.

19-year-old from Utah dresses up like Jhonny Depp from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ and comes up with dance moves that has shook TikTok over the past week.

TikTok is the most downloaded application around the world for both Android and iOS. Where the app has been home to many weird trends, it has helped many youngsters channel their creativity and earn through the application.
The app has also helped many people gain traction in the online world. One such individual is this 19-year-old form Utah who, just for the sake of fun, dressed up as Willy Wonka, and came up with some cool moves. People are pretty obsessed with him.



Initially, he never revealed his face and called himself the ‘Sexy Willy Wonka’.




He opted to keep Depp's signature goggles, haircut, and crushed-velvet overcoat, but has ditched the clothes underneath in order to show off Wonka's surprisingly toned figure. Who knew a lifetime of enjoying sweets could give you abs?




His first "Sexy Wonka" video that really caught TikTok's attention saw the man behind the goggles move his way through "I Wanna Love You" by Akon ft. Snoop Dogg.




Within a few days of it’s posting the 18-second clip got nearly 80 million views. Soon after, there were hundreds and thousands of users writing hilarious comments.



My favorite one says,

“He smooth like his chocolate.”

Since that first TikTok video went viral, Wonka has continued to release more and more hits for his followers. Although the Akon clip was the one that rocketed him to TikTok stardom, his most popular video is actually one that was posted just one week ago in which he performed just part of the WAP dance, as made famous by Cardi B. That clip has been viewed over 93 million times and has 12.3 million likes as of writing.




Later, the teen revealed his true identity in a YouTube video back in June after weeks of teasing his followers with an eventual face reveal.



Let’s hope the guy sticks around for a while. His account already has 10.2 million followers.

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Article source: Diply

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