This 11-year-old and his dog Chewy managed to save a lady’s house in Sacramento from fire.

This 11-year-old and his dog Chewy managed to save a lady’s house in Sacramento from fire.

11-year-old David’s dog Chewy was vigilant enough to notify his owner of a fire starting in the neighbor’s house.

Animals, specifically dogs, are known to have senses sharper than humans. They can smell and hear things that humans, without external gear, cannot.
Something similar happened to David Galvez when his dog Chewy started acting out of character. This unusual behavior ultimately led to David alerting his neighbor to the fire.



Earlier this month, Chewy got his young owner's attention when he started scratching against the front door of their home.
Thinking Chewy wanted to go out for a walk, the duo went out. As soon as David saw his neighbor’s garage on fire, he knew what Chewy had been trying to tell him all along.
He alerted her neighbor, who initially thought Galvez was playing a prank on her. However, soon after she realized it was not a prank. David’s mother called 911 while their neighbor Stacey Bass ran out of her house.



The firefighters managed to save her house. Although she did lose her car her garage, and several sentimental family heirlooms. Nevertheless, it could have been far more devastating if it was not for Chewy and David.



After the fire was out, the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District took a photo in front of the spared home with David and Chewy.
They then uploaded the picture on Facebook praising the young boy and telling him that they are ready to accept his application for the fire department. The picture caption says,

“This young man is David Galvez, a brave 11-year-old who was taking his dog Chewy for a walk when he saw smoke and fire from his neighbors’ garage. He went inside and told his mom who called 911. While his neighbor lost her vehicle and some personal items, no one was injured and #MetroFire saved her living space due to David’s quick actions. David- Metro Fire is ready for your 30-1 academy application!”


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Article Source: Diply
Image Source: Facebook

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