Thieves Tried To Siphon Gas From Bus, Ended Up With A Mouth Full Of Raw SEWAGE!

Thieves Tried To Siphon Gas From Bus, Ended Up With A Mouth Full Of Raw SEWAGE!

Thieves spotted the parked bus in the middle of the night. They tried to siphon its petrol but accidentally tapped into the sewage tank!

Try not to ever tell us that there's no such thing as karma since we can guarantee you, there most definitely is! Case in point, in a truly hilarious turn of events, a pair in Australia got precisely what they asked for, in the wake of endeavoring to steal gas from a parked bus.

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Fortunately(unfortunately for them), the offenders were left with an unpleasant flavor in their mouth while trying to siphon the gas from the tank, since they accidentally attached the cap to the wrong tank, siphoning raw sewage in the process!

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Yes indeed, these rookies got what they deserved after inadvertently attaching the cap to the sewage tank instead of the oil tank because apparently, it was so dark that neither of them could see where they were putting their mouth, quite literally!

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It's safe to say that the rather offbeat episode is extremely hilarious and dumb all at the same time! Bravo to these Einsteins. Reportedly, police initially found out about the episode when they found a disposed cap alongside the bus, yet saw that none of its gas was stolen.

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"We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth," Laverton Police Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar was cited stating by the Mail. Soutar moreover told the West Australian that they're trusting that 'word of mouth' will help solve the case.

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The Laverton Police likewise tweeted about the occurrence, making jokes about the men, saying, "Hey all. Only in LA. We are looking into this one and following our nose from some leads. Hoping to crack the case." Sgt Heath Soutar also said the police have 'absolutely zero interest' in recouping the stolen products, however, they are attempting to discover the offenders, since well, it is a crime to steal all things considered.


Presently, it's not clear whether the criminals have been caught. The police force in Western Australia at that point cracked a joke, inquiring as to whether they should run 'random breath tests' to help catch the suspects. Here in the United States, stealing gas is viewed as a petty offense, as long as the measure of gas stolen is under $400 and can be accompanied by jail time contingent upon the amount stolen.


The only inquiry we're concerned about, however, is that whether these guys are still brushing their teeth with disinfectants and throwing up consistently recalling the ordeal. But to be honest, they kind of had it coming, wouldn't you agree? 

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