These wooden walkways can help you revamp your garden in just a few bucks.

These wooden walkways can help you revamp your garden in just a few bucks.

Adding something as cheap and as simple as a wooden pathway can revamp the way your garden looks.

Horticulture and garden designing sucks more money than you can imagine. Even if you want to add a small pathway in your backyard or front yard to make the flowers and other plants pop out, you cannot do so without spending a large amount of money.



Usually, pathways that require woodwork cost at least $500. Not to mention a large amount of effort it takes and the time-consuming messy process.

Fortunately, we have a better option for you. Take a look at these portable pathways designed by plowhearth. You can get them for as low as $45 and revamp your garden with them.



The wooden pathway is designed such that it is weatherproof and will not rot away with water and mud.
There are two types of wooden pathways available. The first one is straight.



The second is curved.



Suppose you want a longer pathway and want it to look more realistic and artistic. You can use a combination of two.
Look how beautifully it compliments the plants around it.



The best part is, you don’t have to fix them in place. Due to their weight, they will not move around in the rain or with the wind. However, anytime you like, you can remove the pathways and place them somewhere else.



It is ideal for people living in rental houses and army personnel who have to move houses a lot. They are currently available for sale on Plowhearth

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Image Source: Plowhearth

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