These Two Kids Think 'Look Exactly The Same' For Twin Day At Their School.

These Two Kids Think 'Look Exactly The Same' For Twin Day At Their School.

These two kids are gone viral after they claim from their pure hearts which are away from any differences and hate that they are exactly the same.

Naturally, we all are born with a pure innocent heart with no differences and no hatred. These things are being taught to us through the behaviour of people surrounding us. 



This heartwarming story of a couple of kids who are in their Kindergarten years and think they are both the same although they look opposite is going viral on social media on Twin Day.


Brittany Tankersley | Facebook


As the image was shared on social media by Ms Tankersley saying "They look exactly the same" the image got an outstanding response. It was being shared on the internet over 269,000 times. People praised the beautiful and pure feelings of these innocent children.


Brittany Tankersley | Facebook


Ms Tankersley further explained that her son insisted that a fellow looks exactly the same as him so he will celebrate the Twin Day with him. Ms Tankersley then went to buy the same shirts for both of them to see his son happy.


Brittany Tankersley | Facebook


The next day, she was astonished by her son's teacher's message which was having the picture of both the kids. She was in tears to see the differences we have created in our hearts and the chastity kids have in them. 




Myles used to say that Tanner (the other kid), has the same eye colour and the hair same as his. This picture has stolen thousands of hearts since it is posted and people can't stop praising these kids.



To make our world a peaceful, happy place we are just a few steps away from it. We are born pure and without any hatred so we need to be taught and we have to learn the right things to serve humanity. When we hold hands together without pointing out differences we can get hold of anything and everything.


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