These stylish and trendy masks can help people who lipread to understand others

These stylish and trendy masks can help people who lipread to understand others

This mother with hearing impairments who need to lipread to understand what her children want came up with transparent masks.

With the ongoing global pandemic, CDC is recommending we wear face masks whenever we step out. This safety instruction, although very crucial, has caused minor inconvenience for people who need to lipread in order to understand what the other person is saying.
During these times, tons of crafty people have quickly stepped up to create reusable cloth face masks. However, the one that caught our attention the most is these elegant, trendy, and reusable transparent facemasks for deaf people who rely on lipreading.
Justine Bate and her daughter, Teona, are both deaf. As the guidelines for wearing masks at all times were passes, the duo quickly became aware of a major problem caused for people like her and her daughter, who rely on lipreading.



Just like many moms these days, she took the matters in her hands and decided to DIY.
Justine created her own face masks that have a clear plastic window to expose someone’s mouth.




She shared the pictures of these masks on a public Facebook post captioned, 

“Myself and my daughter are deaf, we rely heavily on lipreading, I’ve made this Visible Mask for the deaf, lipreaders and or those whose work for/with the deaf or those love to smile!”

She’s selling the masks for £5.99 each, which converts to just over USD 7.
Here’s the mask in action.



Her husband Carl told the daily mail that it took several attempts to ensure the covering was not too thick, but still effective.
The best part is, these masks are machine washable as well. The only downside is that these masks can’t be made with a filter as it would cover the plastic and defeat the purpose, but the benefits definitely outweigh this caveat.
Some people are worried about condensation that could build up and defeat the purpose of the mask, but Justine’s husband, Carl, assures that the condensation doesn’t last long enough to impair any lip reading.


Been up since 6am making this masks - myself and my daughter are deaf, we rely heavily on lip reading, this Visible...

Posted by Justine DB on Monday, May 25, 2020



The mask has helped a lot of people stay safe without affecting their daily life activities.

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