These Robbers Busted Into Student's Home During Live Zoom Class

These Robbers Busted Into Student's Home During Live Zoom Class

In a frightening incident, when robbers broke into one of the students' home, a Zoom class in Ecuador was interrupted - the episode was captured on her camera and her classmates saw the events unfold right in front of them.

According to Nuestra Realidad, the event took place on 4 September in the town of Ambato, Tungurahua province's capital city, where a participant was taking part in an online lesson via Zoom.

Webcam footage captures the virtual class seated in front of their computers, but while others pay attention, one woman can be seen turning around and looking behind her toward the entrance.

Though her microphone is off, as she gets up in terror, you can see the robbers moving towards her-and her laptop camera-. While they can not hear their conversation, it is obvious from the victim's body posture as well as from the robbers that they are assaulting and abusing her.







The rest of the class did not seem to clock what was going on at first, but when the criminals begin to taunt her and step closer to the camera, several students soon realize something is up and warn the teacher.

Nuestra Realidad informs the teacher then says: "Call the police immediately. Call your parents."

The men take the victim's computer as students rush to report the incident.






The four men were later arrested after the incident was reported for robbing a home in Ambato, with the government minister María Paula Romo confirming their capture on Twitter.

"The @PoliciaEcuador immediately captured those responsible for the theft of a home in Ambato," she wrote.

"The event was recorded on video, while a student received classes online."

"Thanking God to the girl they did nothing to her," one person commented.


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