These Plus-size Influencers Are Dressing As Disney Princesses In The Plus-Size Princess Project.

These Plus-size Influencers Are Dressing As Disney Princesses In The Plus-Size Princess Project.

An Influencer Natasha Polis created the Plus-Size Princess Project on Instagram. The photo series shows women with larger bodies portraying a variety of female characters, from Anna and Elsa to Kida from "Atlantis."

Body positivity has been on the rise in recent years, with plus size women and other women too encouraging all the sizes and each other to embrace their bodies as they are. And not to feel insecure or any less blessed than normal people out there.




Again, a campaign was launched prior to Halloween which is continuously struggling to make sure that the plus sized women are comfortable in their bodies and they don't need painful comparison talks and such things.




Natasha Polis, a content and fashion creator with 77.3 thousand followers on Instagram alone, started what she calls the #PlusSizePrincessProject, launching it on social media in the past week with a photo of her and fellow influencer Heather Traska dressed as Belle and Sleeping Beauty, respectively.




Both influencers are plus sized and they are encouraging other models too to come and join them in this project so that they feel included in every aspect of life. Many plus sized girls and women are following them and taking notes and influence to improve their behaviour to such discrimination in society.
Polis basically shared her mission regarding this project and stated that she wishes to give younger girls the type of body representation she wishes she had seen when she was a little child.

She hinted on how the world only included the fairer and slim models in their fashion shows, movies and books and gave the concept of beauty totally the opposite of what it is. 



Polis went on to say that 21 influencers had joined the project ahead of Halloween, and she also encouraged other influencers and bloggers to join in and spread the 'body love' everywhere. 

Polis and other models who joined the project also drew attention to how hard it was for them 'plus size princesses' to even find costumes in their sizes and what struggles they have to do even in the daily wear.




Polis instead of asking influencers to dress only as Disney princesses like Snow White or Cinderella, she decided to feature a wide range of the company's female characters so that she could work with a more diverse cast and iclude a lot of people in the campaign.

One of those characters which was shown in the capaign was Kida from "Atlantis." She was portrayed beautifully in the Plus-Size Princess Project by Adriana of @bibbidibobbidi_broke.




The influencer wrote on Instagram, "Kida was always one of my favorite characters."




But the plus size princess project proves that there's still a long way to go when it comes to size inclusivity in the media and fashion industry and even in Halloween fashion.

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More Images on Plus-Size Princess Project on Polis' Instagram page.

Source : Insider and diply 

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