These Pictures Show Short People Dealing With Daily Life Struggles Creatively

These Pictures Show Short People Dealing With Daily Life Struggles Creatively

Funny pictures show how short people do their everyday chores, it's not easy when you have to clean your house or do grocery shopping and be a short person at the same time. It's just that you start doing things creatively so that life becomes easy.

'Good things come in small packages'. That's the only thing keeping the cute short people motivated. Small people don't only get cropped out from the pictures, they sometimes can't even take pictures in the mirrors and we haven't started talking about the struggle of doing the simple everyday household chorus yet. If you are a short person than you can relate with these pictures and if you are not from this category then you can still see the pictures so that the next time you see a short person you know how to help them do their work creatively.

1. Doing laundry is never easy


© beet111 / reddit  


2. “The way I had to use this cash machine in Spain, which I can only assume was installed by a giant. I’m 5’4”


© DrunkOnOrange / reddit  


3. Grocery shopping for a short person every time looks like this


© pghstitches / imgur  


4.  "My buddy’s wife shows how she puts her seasonings away.”


© mtflick / reddit  


5. Made for each other


© arnoldswatanigga / reddit  


6. Reaching the soap dispenser can be a real struggle


© Persianlicious / reddit  


7. Don't ask the short people to turn off the light


© skygt / reddit  


8.  “My wife is 5’1” and I am 6’7″, when it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all."


© The_Trip_Doctor / reddit  


9. When the signboard is bigger than you


© lost-world-1 / reddit  


10. “My 5’1” girlfriend went to a brewery and sent me this."


© mrjarod / reddit  


11. Every short girl problem


© DoesCanadaReallyExist / imgur  


12. “Short people problems: My mohawk car is ready to go!”


© scrrheat / reddit  


13. When you are short, you have to be creative


© renerdrat / reddit  


14. When your height can't stop you 




15. The chair is a must for a short person while going to a concert


© fo8squad / imgur  


16. Tall vs short


© pantstickle / reddit  


17.  “I just arrived in the Netherlands (where people are some of the tallest on the planet) and I can only just see the top of my head in the mirror (I am 5’5”)."


© weeteuchter / reddit  


18.  When the wife is determined to wash the truck


© RobbyFreeking / reddit  


19. Climbing skills are a must


© iCarpeDiem / imgur  


20. “Boyfriend placed his microwave on top of the fridge... He’s 6′ 2 and I’m 5′ 2 (ish). I need to grab a chair if I want use it.”


© Hyedra / imgur  


21. Cleaning with passion


© Baqpac / imgur  


22. Two easy steps to get married


© GameOfLevels / reddit  



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