These Pictures Prove That People Who Stay Too Much With Their Pets Start Looking Like Them

These Pictures Prove That People Who Stay Too Much With Their Pets Start Looking Like Them

Humans who spend way too much time with their beloved pets start resembling them. You do not believe me? Look at these pictures shared by the Twittersphere and I bet you will agree!

1. The Performance Artist Posted A Picture Of Elizabeth And Mariposa On Twitter 

Recently, Harry Clayton-Wright posted a picture of Elizabeth Taylor and her pet dog Mariposa rocking identical haircuts, resulting in hundreds of people replying with selfies taken with their look-alikes.


.Image credits: HClaytonWright


2. The Response To Harry's Tweet Was Insane As Hundreds Of Twitter Users Came To Share Their Selfies


Image source: DanielaDundela


3. Some Of The Humans Looked So Much Like Their Pets That It Became Hard To Distinguish


Image source: michaelmario1


4. Your Eyes Match Too


Image source: AlannaHagon


5. I Agree!


Image source: tds153



6. Which One Is Ethel?


Image source: ArabellaAldaine


7. I Have Reached Expert Level In Dog Matching.



Image source: wrongpotato



8. My Cat And I Do Alright


Image source: Caitlinmae


9. Mine Just Blends Right In Anyway


Image source: AndreaReid_x


10. Tim Shares His Hair With His Dog Or It Might Be The Other Way Round


Image source: tbranyen


11. I Unintentionally Took My Hair Color Cues From My Mom's Dog Last Year


Image source: tweetingennui


12. Say Hello To Sara And Tinker


Image source: SaraMarshall


13. No Wig Required 


Image source: Zeenie75


14. Oh Even Their Face Cut Is Similar


Image source: Kathbum


15. Love The Waves


Image source: LeslieSmith_GF


16. Now That's Some Bonding 


Image source: mrparsley


17. I Don't Believe I Had A Snoogie In My Nose Like She Did!


Image source: Mudpatties


18. Blonde Bois


Image source: jamiegermond




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