These Pandemic Friendly Bizarre Workout 'Pods' in a California Gym Could be the Future.

These Pandemic Friendly Bizarre Workout 'Pods' in a California Gym Could be the Future.

A gym in California came up with these pods to allow athletes to work out while maintaining the SOPs of social distancing.

Do you remember the last time you stepped into a gym? For me, the last time was in February before the whole pandemic situation started. Since words of coronavirus hitting my town had already been on every news channel, I was super reluctant while touching anything.

Of course! Everyone has different concepts regarding their personal hygiene. This is why there are signs everywhere, encouraging them to wipe down their machines after they use them, but that doesn't mean everyone actually does.

Hence, Gyms in my area started closing down. The real question is, how long will we stay out of the gym? Not everyone has the motivation to work out at home every day. Moreover, not everyone has the equipment and space to develop an appropriate workout routine.




Keeping this in mind, a California gym owner has come up with their way of allowing members back inside while still adhering to social distancing rules.
Peet Sapsin, the owner of Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach, recently opened the doors to his facility for the first time since the outbreak hit, and members are definitely noticing some changes inside.

He has constructed individual plastic workout pods that have been placed all around the gym.



Every pod has a workout bench, as well as some free weights, inside of it, and can accommodate one person at a time.
Moreover, group fitness classes at the gym have been cut from 24 people to just nine. Each person that takes part in a group must be inside the pod.



Sapsin explained the idea for the pods, made out of shower curtains and PVC pipes, came from a need for a way to work out without a mask on. Since working out with masks is not safe at all. There have been cases of collapsed lungs as a result of exerting with masks on.




Before entering the pods, members have to get their temperature checked and sanitize their hands.
Where plenty of people have praised South Bay Fitness for taking care of its members and putting their safety first, some have criticized the pods' design. Specifically, each one is enclosed on three sides, but leaves the back and the top open.



What do you think is this the future now? This Dutch restaurant also tested glass booths to help people enjoy dinners while social distancing.

Article and Image Source: Diply

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