These new chips made of pickle will take you back to your childhood.

These new chips made of pickle will take you back to your childhood.

If you are a pickle flavored chips enthusiast. Lo and Behold, your prayers have been answered.

Do you remember those summers where you spent all day in the backyard eating those unhealthy dill pickle chips? Seems like it was yesterday. As much as I love the taste, I cannot help but think how unhealthy they are.


When we were young, the only chips that gave us the mouth-watering crunch were potato chips. However, thanks to the evolving technology, you can get a classic crispy crunch from any kind of chip. You name it, kale chips, banana chips, zucchini chips and what not. They are not only less messy but are also tastier and healthier. What else do you want?




I know what else I want! PICKEL CHIPS.

Pickle Chips


Lucky for us, Vlasic has come up with a line of chips that aren't just pickle-flavored, rather, they are entirely made of real pickles. How cool is that. Healthy, low calorie yet amazingly tasty. My inner health enthusiast is doing the happy dance right now.


According Thomas M. McGough, co-chief operating officer and executive vice-president of Conagra Brands, Inc. pickle flavored chips have always been a favorite snack for people around the world. This is the underlying idea behind pickle chips.


Pickle Chips


Pickles themselves are a great snack with essentially no calories or carbs, however, they can get messy. Not to mention the stubborn stench that does not leave your hands.
Thus, these vacuum-fried pickle chips that are loaded with salty, briny flavors are an answer to all our pickle chips miseries. The Chips are allegedly under development but we do know they will hit the shelves sooner or later and will come in single-serve 4.25 oz bags.


Image and Article source: Diply

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